Thursday, April 25, 2013

my ultimate goal as a writer (tcwt april blog chain)


“What is your ultimate goal as a writer?”
Have you ever read a sentence so eloquently written that it gave you the chills? That for a moment, you stopped and gently put down the book and closed your eyes, so that you could catch your breath and just feel?
Of course you have.
And, maybe, if you were the writerly type...
After finishing the book, you might just turn to your notebook with a freshly sharpened pencil. Perhaps you try to capture the same beauty that you were given, the same magic. You dream. Already the words are being woven in your head. And then you write.
Visions dance.
I think that's what I want to do, too. I want to be able to weave words finely, so beautifully crafted, that they might inspire another to create. I want to touch hearts and cause someone to feel. I want someone else to feel the hunger to write. Maybe they will feel the tug of a greater call. And these words will live on in thoughts and dreams and imaginations, so that the magic will be kept alive-the same magic I've been lucky enough to experience.
And that's my ultimate goal, I think.

So this is my first time participating in the Teens Can Write Too blog chain. Beginnings always feel a little strange at first, honestly.



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